Beyond the Boardroom:
Your Pathway to Success
in the Workplace

Have you ever felt frustrated in the workplace trying to meet and/or exceed your employer's expectations? Have you ever wondered why some people get raises and promotions and seem to pass you by as they go up the corporate ladder? Do you find it challenging trying to build positive relationships with your boss and/or co-workers? Is your workplace a toxic environment? Is it difficult knowing how to behave appropriately in complicated workplace situations?

Your relationships in the workplace can affect every area of your life and your career success depends on how effectively you can develop positive working relationships and effective communication skills.

This professional development program is for people who want to be more successful in their careers. It is for employers who want to support their employees career success by helping them to reach their full potential while achieving their company’s goals and objectives.

This program is designed to help organizations who want to help their employees to develop leadership skills to make them more effective at accomplishing the goals and objectives of the organization. Also, for individuals who want to move up the corporate ladder or business owners who want to gain clients for their businesses.

This program is for people who want to be more successful in their careers. It is for employers who want to enroll their employees to help them reach their potential while achieving their company’s goals and objectives.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Understand your organizational culture
  • Meet and exceed performance expectations
  • Get promoted in your organization
  • Manage interpersonal relationships and build a professional network
  • Distinguish between the different levels of business and casual attire
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Create a positive and productive workplace environment
  • Work collaboratively in a team
  • Differentiate between groupthink and being a team player
  • Effectively demonstrate both leadership and management skills

Course Features and Benefits

Be empowered to build positive, synergistic relationships within the workplace and increase your value to your employer and beyond.

Discover what it means to be a team player.

Dress appropriately for any business situation.

Build your confidence and improve your communication skills to positively represent your organization.

Learn how to enhance your professional image and distinguish yourself from other employees.

Rise above negative and toxic workplace environments.

Understand emotional intelligence to improve your interpersonal skills and workplace relationships.

Improve your job satisfaction by taking control of your career success.

Receive a Certificate of Completion to put towards your required annual Professional Development hours.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Module 1

    • Beyond the Boardroom - Course Overview (4:23)

    • Beyond the Boardroom - Introduction (8:08)

    • Beyond the Boardroom - Understanding the Game (4:13)

    • Beyond the Boardroom - Mindset & Self-Awareness (12:49)

  • 02

    Module 2

    • Beyond the Boardroom - Networking (4:23)

    • Beyond the Boardroom - Finding a Mentor (5:24)

    • Beyond the Boardroom - Teamwork & Team Building (11:29)

    • Beyond the Boardroom - Telephone Etiquette & Social Media in the Workplace (3:58)

    • Beyond the Boardroom - Body Language (3:14)

  • 03

    Module 3

    • Beyond the Boardroom - Customer Service Skills (3:45)

    • Beyond the Boardroom - Business Dining Etiquette (4:25)

    • Beyond the Boardroom - Professional Attire & Other Business Matters (6:09)

    • Beyond the Boardroom - Hiring Strategies (7:28)

  • 04

    Module 4

    • Beyond the Boardroom - Interpersonal Skills (5:07)

    • Beyond the Boardroom - Conflict Resolution (8:03)

    • Beyond the Boardroom - Civility in the Workplace (3:49)

    • Beyond the Boardroom - Job Search Skills; Networking (Outside the Organization) (2:57)

  • 05

    Module 5

    • Beyond the Boardroom - Leadership & Influence Skills; Being a Likeable Boss (2:24)

    • Beyond the Boardroom - Office Politics for Managers (3:17)

    • Beyond the Boardroom - Performance Management (3:04)

    • Beyond the Boardroom - Assertiveness & Self Confidence (4:52)

    • Beyond the Boardroom - Conclusion & Website (1:52)

  • 06

    Additional Resources

    • Free EBook: Beyond the Boardroom

    • Beyond the Boardroom Fillable Workbook

About Me

Dr. Deeawn Roundtree is the CEO of Roundtree Training & Consulting, she is also a Senior Certified Professional with the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM-SCP), a certified Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team as well as a Certified Image Consultant. She is also the author of “Beyond the Boardroom: Learn how to play and win at the game of corporate politics” and has taught and conducted workshops on various topics, including: Leadership development, emotional intelligence, image management, business etiquette, effective interviewing skills, corporate politics, personal financial planning, entrepreneurship, public speaking, excellent selling and conflict management skills. Her passion is to empower individuals to successfully accomplish their personal and professional goals.

Teaching and sales have been the hallmark of Dr. Roundtree’s career for decades. She has held numerous top level faculty and administrative positions in several academic institutions, with additional responsibilities in curriculum development. She was a highly regarded successful pharmaceutical sales consultant and was recognized as one of the top 2 performers in the nation for her company. Her educational background includes a Doctorate of Business Administration degree from Wilmington University, a Doctor of Ministry degree from South University achieving high honors, an M.S. degree in Professional Leadership with a concentration in Training and Development, and a B.S. degree in Business Management from Carlow University. With her proven methods, you will enhance your own untapped personal abilities and improve your Company’s bottom line.

She gives back to her community by volunteering on the boards of the Women's Circle and Genesis Community Health and also a member of Jack & Jill of America, Inc. and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Through the lessons she has learned throughout her life, and the knowledge and experiences she has gained in her own career, it has become her passion to empower others to be successful in achieving their professional goals, more effectively and efficiently.

What People Are Saying...

Testimonial #1:

"Dr. Roundtree is a valued leader in education and business. She has helped coach and mentor me and others in the pursuit of education and a career in business. Dr. Roundtree’s motivational and real-life approach to business makes her a role model to a diverse community of students and professionals. I am excited to continue learning from her and giving other young professionals the opportunity to access her coaching programs and tools." — Daniela Balseca, Happiness Engineer, Shipmonk

Testimonial #2:

"In the summer/fall of 2017, I met virtually with Dr. Deeawn Roundtree.  Dr. Roundtree helped me assess my career status and set reasonable professional goals. One of those goals included operationalizing a business plan that I had been working on for over two years.  These coaching sessions with Dr. Roundtree were instrumental in me setting up a website for my business, attending career development workshops in new topic areas and joining a new professional organization.  All these things led to new business opportunities and an ability for me to focus on opportunities that best utilize my education, skills and experince as well as align with my passions." — Plyshette Wiggins, President, Wiggins Health Systems & Solutions, LLC.

Testimonial #3:

"Dr. Roundtree has taken a leadership role in our Chamber, sharing her time and expertise with our members and providing workshops on Interviewing Skills, Professional Attire and Career Success.  They loved her presentation, the interactive and comfortable style of the workshop and the collaboration it inspired.  I'm sure her book,  "Beyond the Boardroom:  Learn How to Play and Win at the Game of Corporate Politics", is sitting on many of my members’ bookshelves right now!" — Kelly Fanelli, Membership Director, Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches


  • Bonus #1

    The course includes a free ebook of "Beyond the Boardroom: Learn how to play and win at the game of corporate politics" and course materials to download and refer to after you have completed this course.

  • Bonus #2

    Join a network of liked-minded and focused individuals to support your career journey and success.

  • Bonus #3

    Receive a 20% discount on a future one-on-one coaching program when your referral signs up for the online course, one-on-one/group coaching or training program.

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You Will...

Develop greater awareness about who you are and how you are perceived by others.

Create a positive and professional image.

Establish better interpersonal relationships.

Gain greater respect and influence with your clients and/or people you work with in your organization.

Preparation for greater levels of responsibilities and potential promotions.

Earn a Certificate of Achievement from the Beyond the Boardroom Leadership Academy

Join a network of like-minded professionals for ongoing support.


Can I make payment arrangements?

Yes.  To make payment arrangements, contact Dr. Roundtree directly at (561) 323-3845 or by email at:

Is this course always available?

Yes, this course can be completed on your own time and available 24/7.

Who can I contact if I want additional one-on-one or group coaching?

Contact Dr. Deeawn Roundtree at or at (561) 323-3845 or visit the website at

Do you provide live virtual or onsite trainings?

Yes, both live virtual and on site training programs are available. Contact Dr. Deeawn Roundtree for more information at (561) 323-3845 or visit her website at

This professional development course is your pathway to success and will help you to develop your communication skills, eliminate uncertainty about how to manage workplace relationships, increase your confidence to meet and exceed your employer's expectations and increase your knowledge about workplace politics. Also, this course will show you how to dress appropriately for any occasion and empower you to take ownership of your career success.

P.S. Many people experience challenges in the workplace, but they try to navigate through it alone, but you don't have to. Taking this course will catapult your career in the right direction so that you can accomplish your goals more effectively and efficiently.

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